A day as a pilot

Professional pilots are not the only ones to whom we turn our commitment and our professionalism. Together with us you can live the experience of flight thanks to a successful initiative that we are happy to propose periodically.

“A day as a pilot” is an opportunity for all those who want to experience a new adventure and get to know our facility by touching it first hand with practical and theoretical lessons held by our instructors. Find out when our next thrilling “day as a pilot” will take place.


Technical lesson (4 hours)

  • You’ll receive a detailed explanation on the various types of planes and ultralight aircraft and all the types of pilot licenses and qualifications;
  • You’ll get an overview of certain theoretical aspects that are addressed in the lessons for aspiring pilots: constructive elements, propulsion, flight controls and foundations of aerodynamics;
  • You can ask the instructor all the questions you wish and find out everything that separates you from becoming a pilot.

Practical lesson

  • You’ll have a 30-minute practical lesson flying your plane with one of our instructors and so you’ll be a real pilot for the very first time;
  • You’ll be able to personally experience flying.